User Experience Professional




Comfortable in the space between the left and right sides of my brain. Equal parts introvert and extrovert.

After working in the coding and operational side of the software industry, my aptitude for identifying and creatively solving user experience problems led me to the design side of tech.

I've spent the last few years designing complex mobile and desktop experiences for the financial industry, and am now exploring opportunities to use the latest approaches in research and design to deliver the best experiences to users.

I regularly feed my curiosity for developing trends in design and tech via Twitter, Meetups, and podcasts. I also have an inherent visual sense which I've cultivated through my photography.

Skills & Aptitude

  • I’m a UX design generalist with a strong interest in user-centered problem solving

  • I believe in asking as many questions as it takes to understand the users’ problems

  • I love passionate discussions about how best to solve user problems with easy to use interface solutions

  • Curious about anything and nearly everything

  • Experience: Responsive Web Design, Mobile Design, Interactive Design, Wireframing, Interactive Prototyping, Usability Testing, and Technical Writing / Copywriting

  • Tools: Sketch, Illustrator, Photoshop, Invision, and a little animation experience with Hype and After Effects